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Episode 16: Free “Rubber Chicken” Seminars

Episode 15: Become a Master Storyteller

Episode 14: Where to Do Your Workshop?

Episode 13: The 9 Critical Emotions

Episode 12: Do a Great Q&A Session!

Episode 11: Guide the “Silent Conversation”

Episode 10: The Next Big BOOM!

Episode 9: Five Lessons from the Superbowl

Episode 8: Get the Audience Writing

Episode 7: Using Visual Builds 

Episode 6: Use a Great Handout Packet

Episode 5: A Simple Structure Spells Success

Episode 4: Use a Power Opening & Close

Episode 3: Use a Confidence Monitor

Episode 2: Dress the Part!

Episode 1: Beware the “Crappy Restaurant Syndrome”

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Followup is critical to the success of your events.  This will give you a complete process for maximizing the appointments you set after a workshop.   F = Fast – because you can’t waste time.  In 24 hours people have cooled off.  E = Easy – whatever you ask them to do has to be low effort or they will procrastinate.  V = Valuable – something really good is going to happen for them when they meet with you.  E = Emotional – you want to make them FEEL a benefit, not simply an intellectual argument.  R = Repeat – you don’t follow-up just once.  You drip forever because today’s “no” could be tomorrow’s “yes!”        

The close is one of the three most critical parts of your workshop along with the opening and the Q&A session.  Mastering a great close will increase your appointments and set the stage for a positive engagement AT those meetings.  

There are many ways to close an event but it’s critical to remember a few things:  1. This is the last message they will hear from you /   2. You lose the tremendous power of the “group dynamic” after this.  From here on all interactions will be as individuals.  /  3. The Opening gets them excited about the seminar.  But the Close gets them excited about the rest of their lives with YOU!

So you can see the importance of delivering a great close