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The Personal Profile Interview (PPI)

This might be the single greatest marketing idea I’ve ever developed.  

The PPI is a customized interview that lets you tell your story in the most compelling and enjoyable way.  It’s a completely unique marketing tool with a vast number of uses as both a prospecting piece, a seminar or workshop handout, a direct mailer, a client letter, a press generating article, a target marketing tool, and many more.  

Prospects and clients will read and RE-READ your interview and come away with a much deeper sense of who you are and what makes you special.  No other communication mode allows you the time and space to do such a complete “commercial” about you and your team. 

Plus, the PPI gives you total control of the interview process.  If there’s anything that you want to say…SAY IT!  This is your time to shine.  I will make sure it doesn’t include  anything compliance might have trouble with.  I know what they need and we have a 100% success rate with compliance at firms a lot tougher than you can imagine! 

Click on the image at left to download the complete PPI Guide including samples and feedback from advisors who have used this fabulous tool. 

If you have a “coupon code” from one of our partner firms, it will be applied at checkout.  

Price: $1,500

P.S.  The price is going up next year, so you have until Dec. 31st, 2021 to order your interview.  Do it today!  

Customized Appointment Card or Evaluation Form

This adds a very nice professional touch to your workshop experience.

To simply add your logo to the card or the form, email me a jpg, tif, or png, file of your company logo and we will insert it and send it back to you for printing.

If you want to modify the form in a more significant way, e-mail me the specific instructions. We will contact you to confirm and send drafts as needed.

Email is  Turn-around is usually 1 or 2 days max!

Price: $60 


FULL Referral Training Program

Audio Training & Full Implementation Workbook!

If referrals are important to you (and they should be) this program will dramatically enhance your success!  It contains everything you need to implement the revolutionary ideas in my best-selling book. 

This is the entire 4-hour training program on downloadable MP3 files. It will teach you the specific skills you need to make referrals a major part of your world. No more begging for names. It’s a whole new approach that takes the fear away from the client and makes you look like the trusted professional you truly are!

The workbook includes all the documents you need to create your own referral process, after all, without a process all you have is wishes. This will give you specific steps and will walk you through everything to completion.  There’s no need to re-invent the wheel, it’s all in here! 

You also get 1 FREE HOUR of personal referral coaching from me!  

Price: $749.00


Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic

Advanced Presentations Skills for Financial Professionals (4th Edition)

Start doing the best seminars and workshops you’ve ever done! This book has become the industry guide for seminars, workshops and presentations of all kinds. The fourth edition contains new ideas for today’s challenging times including a new chapter on generating attendance with White Glove. Learn how to do effective seminars and drive your business to new levels of success! Don’t even think of doing an event before you read this book. It will save you a lot of pain and wasted time, and possibly double your seminar results!

Price: $35.00


Referrals the Professional Way:

10 Strategies for Networking with Top Clients & Centers of Influence (4th Edition)

Our industry is plagued by an ineffective referral process and ancient sales techniques. Well, those days are gone! No more begging for names or heavy-handed, arm twisting. This book will teach you a new way of asking for referrals from your very best people that makes you look like a hero in their eyes. And, even more important, it makes the overwhelming fear of referrals in the client’s mind go away! It’s a revolutionary set of ideas and a very simple, honest approach to one of the greatest challenges advisors face.

Price: $35.00


Advanced Seminar Skills DVD Set

The Complete Training Program on Video

This video set contains everything you ever wanted to know and even more stuff you didn’t even know you wanted until you see it.  The skills you will learn on these videos will dramatically increase the business results of your workshops.  And you get one hour of free personal coaching from me to make sure you can adapt and implement the techniques in here.        

Price: $599.00


40 Tips for the Under 40 Advisor:

Some Thought and Laughter for the Next Generation

A bold new generation of advisors is taking over the profession and they’re in for an incredible journey!  If you’re part of the “under 40” group, this book will help you avoid some potential pitfalls and help you navigate the dangerous times yet to come. If you’re over 40, you may still find tremendous wisdom and insight in these tips. They come from three decades of real-world, in-the-trenches experience as an advisor, a top manager and an advisor coach. Nothing in here is fluff or theory… they’re all battle scars baby!

“It doesn’t matter how old you are…this is a MUST READ book!” Greg M. – Merrill Lynch

Price: $19.95


40 Tips for the Under 40 Advisor

Some Thought and Laughter for the Next Generation – AUDIO

A bold new generation of advisors is taking over the profession and they’re in for an incredible journey!  If you’re part of the “under 40” group, this book will help you avoid some potential pitfalls and help you navigate the dangerous times yet to come. If you’re over 40, you may still find tremendous wisdom and insight in these tips. They come from three decades of real-world, in-the-trenches experience as an advisor, a top manager and an advisor coach. Nothing in here is fluff or theory… they’re all battle scars baby!

“It doesn’t matter how old you are…this is a MUST READ book!” Greg M. – Merrill Lynch

Price: $49.99


The Binder Strategy

This is a modern, professional, easy way to reach wealthy prospects…and a strategy you’re going to love!  It’s simple to do, cheap as dirt, totally compliant, takes very little energy and effort, completely unique and IT WORKS!   We’re seeing appointment ratios as high as 50%!

This package contains a complete walk-through of the whole process plus samples of everything you need to start TODAY!

Prospecting doesn’t need to be painful. You can grow your business in smart, fun ways that don’t cost a bundle and don’t require you to stretch miles beyond your comfort zone.

Let The Binder Strategy help you make this the best year you’ve ever had.

Price: $149.99 



INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Seminar Closing Techniques

Generating appointments is critical for your success with workshops and seminars. With this simple strategy you can double or triple your appointment ratio!   It can be used at any seminar.  It’s easy to do and totally product neutral.  Also…it’s NOT a heavy-handed sales pitch. That’s very important. You can’t arm twist or be too salesy at the end of your program. Instead, it’s professional and relaxed and it makes the fear of the appointment go away. Try it today…it works!  

Price: $26.00

Getting Started with Seminars: Audio MP3

Seminars and workshops are amazing marketing and client communication tools. But they’re not easy. This program will help you mater the basics and cut years off your learning curve. It born from the experience of 4,000 public presentations and decades of work and study. No matter how experienced you may be, don’t even think about doing another workshop until you listen to this.

This is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the Getting Started audio program. Listen to the MP3 on any device and get started immediately!

 Price: $26.00 


INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Goal Setting A Better Way!

Pretty much everyone in the world agrees that setting goals is a great way to succeed at anything.  But the big mistake we often make is that we set the wrong goals. If you do that, you almost guarantee that you will fail…and the entire goal-setting mechanism that’s built into your subconscious will fall apart.  This audio program will help you learn how to set the right goals for your business and for other parts of your life as well. It’s a simple process that will start you out on the road to positive achievement. Share it with your entire team and turn everyone into a goal setting champion.  

Price: $26.00

PowerPoint Re-Build

Is your presentation helping or hurting you?  If you’re not setting appointments with at least 50% of the audience you might have a “crappy slide” problem.  PowerPoint is one of the greatest tools you could ever wish for, but used badly it could be killing the energy and excitement of your entire presentation. Get a re-build and see what happens! 

NOTE: This is not a content change requiring new approvals, just a shift in the way things are presented on the screen to make them much more compelling and impactful. 

Price: $1495


Click on the image to order

Workshop Video Analysis

A detailed review and analysis of your seminar or workshop video

Send me your workshop video and I will conduct a complete analysis of your presentation from opening to close. This is by far the best coaching process you will find. It will shave years off your learning curve and potentially save you thousands of wasted dollars in trial & error efforts. The analysis takes about an hour and is customized for your specific needs. It includes a planning conversation beforehand where we can discuss any specific concerns you might have. You can upload your video to YouTube, DropBox or any other service you prefer. Or you can snail-mail me the memory card and I will return it to you. Don’t miss this extraordinary chance to turn your next workshop into a business-generating powerhouse!

Price: $1,200.00


Training Module

Individual Training Element

Larger training programs are often customized and broken down into smaller modules or “elements” that can be delivered live or virtually.   

Price: $1500.00


Private Coaching Session

One Hour Individual or Team Coaching Consultation

Private tactical coaching sessions are designed to strengthen your practice. Frank will customize your private tactical coaching session to address your most important and impactful methods of practice. During this session, Frank will help you identify strategies to improve your day-to-day work flow, how you interact with clients and ways to strengthen your practice that can provide tangible results.

Price: $300.00

5-Session Tactical Coaching Program

Book 5 sessions and get a discount!   Why only five sessions?  Because if I can’t help you in five sessions then I’m not your guy. 

No B.S. The way I coach is different than you might be used to.  For one, I don’t hold your hand or push you. Motivation has to come from inside or its meaningless. What I do is help you find ways to grow that get you excited and generate results. 

Focus on growth!  My expertise is helping grow assets and bring in new clients the modern way.  I don’t do “accountability coaching” or a lot of psycho-analysis. I believe that most advisors WANT to succeed but they just need some help getting active again.  Many of the growth muscles have atrophied. They need some ideas and strategies to get the blood pumping and generate some excitement and activity in their business.

Third, this is a customized process. It’s built around you and your strengths, not mine! There is no “Maselli Method” you need to buy into.  We’re going to find YOUR way, your best set of skills, strategies and processes that work for you and your team, and for the kinds of clients you want to work with. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that there are many paths to success in this business. Every advisor is unique and that’s what makes this fun!

This package is good for five hours of private or team coaching sessions scheduled as you need them.  After that, we can see what’s what. 

E-mail me at to BOOK A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION!  Or get started right now with no risk!

Price: $1,200