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Advanced Skill Training for Advisors

Financial Advisors need MODERN SKILLS to succeed today!

Modern is what my training programs are all about. How can financial professionals grow their business and reach out to new clients in new ways that go far beyond the old techniques of the past?

The goal is twofold: growth and greater enjoyment. My training programs will absolutely win you new clients and assets, and also generate more fun and positive energy than you might have imagined possible. The days of beating your head against a wall are over. No more arm-twisting, or heavy-handed tactics.

It amazes me how little training there is in the business today. It seems that firms expect you to somehow be born with skills. Oh, there’s plenty of product training. But in all my years in the business I’ve never met a single advisor who was struggling from lack of product!  If anything we need to find better prospects, more clients, and stronger relationships.

Here are a few of the topics we cover in the advisor program. There are separate programs for wholesalers and managers.

  • Seminars and workshops
  • Trade show marketing
  • Event marketing
  • Referrals (from clients and centers of influence)
  • Client psychology
  • Objection handling
  • Branding
  • Target or niche marketing
  • Social networking (with personal contacts)
  • Web-based marketing
  • Effective direct mail techniques
  • Team development
  • Motivation & personal discipline
  • Listening skills
These training programs are delivered live and in-person by me.  
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Passion prospecting

New Clients – New Assets – New Power!

The Modern Path to Growth!

It's time to grow again! We need to get back into action and start bringing in new relationships. This program will arm you with the latest prospecting ideas and tactics. It's filled with practical takeaways you can use immediately to get in front of more people who desperately need your guidance. We help you find YOUR path to success. There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to prospecting. Growth can be tremendous FUN!

View & download the one-pager.

Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic

Advanced Presentations Skills for Financial Professionals

Based on my best-selling book, this program is a comprehensive exploration of the presentation skills needed to dramatically improve the business results from your events.

We all know the power of seminars and workshops. They may be the most effective and enjoyable way to reach out to new clients. But the bar has been raised. To generate a meaningful R.O.I. from your seminar marketing effort today, you need new skills. This is the class for you!

The full program is a two-day workshop, but it can be divided into modules to fit your company's needs. And it can be customized to focus more heavily on specific areas of concern you may have.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me anytime at 919-329-2723 or email

referrals the professional way

10 Strategies for Networking with Top Clients and Centers of Influence

We all know that referrals are the lifeblood of a successful practice. So why is it that the vast majority of advisors DO NOT proactively ask for them? The reason is simple: the techniques you are being taught are insane, far too salesy and totally out of step with modern client psychology. For example, changing the word from "referral" to "introduction" isn't fooling anyone. And the whole "help me grow my business" approach is like signing your own death warrant! It’s time to learn a better way. Based on Frank’s groundbreaking book, this program teaches a totally new approach with advanced and proven techniques for generating quality referrals for the rest of your career. (1-8 hours)

Click on the image to download a one-page summary.

Finding Your Niche

Mastering the Skill of Target Marketing

Niche or target marketing is a potential goldmine for advisors. But it is severely under-utilized due largely to a lack of understand or of process. This program teaches ways to become the "go-to" financial advisor for an entire industry or group of professionals.


Finding and Using You Deepest Strengths

Instincts (along with personality and learned abilities) drive much of our day-to-day behavior. But in our business, instincts play a bigger role than we realize. Understanding your natural instinctive strengths can help grow your business, reduce your stress, and improve your personal interactions in amazing ways.

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Thriving on CHAOS

Success Strategies for Difficult Times

Our profession is under attack and we could see a 30-40% washout over the next few years! But, if you will this battle – you will be more successful than you can imagine. Ironically, the “enemy” isn’t who you think they are, and the fight might be harder than you imagine. This program will arm you with the new skills you need to thrive in the world that’s coming our way. Click on the image to download a one-page summary.

Click on the image to download a one-page summary.

Time Management for Financial Advisors

Lets talk "macro" and "micro" scale.

This program teachers several modern techniques that will help financial professionals manage their time on both a "macro" and "micro" scale. Some of the issues we discuss include:

• Goal setting
• Strategic and tactical planning
• Establishing solid habits and rituals
• Personal work disciplines
• Maximizing team efficiency
• Daily/weekly/monthly execution models
• Activity tracking and measurement
• Managing unpredictable events
• Getting started: the power of movement
• Campaign development

The Professional Conversation

Five Ways to Talk and Listen Effectively

Most advisors are naturally gifted communicators. This program will elevate that innate talent and sharpen it with advanced professional skills. You will learn how to listen with empathy and speak with impact. You will uncover the many hidden messages in a person's non-verbal language and in their instinctive modes of data processing. These are not sales tricks. The techniques come from the world of clinical psychology and they will help you build more effective relationships and generate greater business success.

Breakout Branding

Create and Tell the Story of You

Who are you and what do you represent in the mind of your top clients? How do you come up with a compelling, unique and memorable story? All advisors have the same products you need a competitive edge. This program will give it to you!

Focus & Discipline

Taking Positive Control of Your Business

Focus and discipline are two critical factors for success in any business. This program empowers advisors with the specific skills they need to get back on offense! It's time to start expanding your asset base and proactively building new relationships.



10 Steps to Success in the NEW Financial Services Profession

This is the "graduate" class! Possibly the most powerful two-day training program in the industry. The financial services industry is undergoing a massive evolutionary shift and our profession is changing fast! To succeed in the future, advisors will need new skills and attitudes that reflect a deeper understanding of their clients and of themselves. This program details the bright new future for those of us who are ready to heed the call. It will cover all the critical skills you need to thrive in the middle of this revolution. It's jam-packed, action-oriented and will leave you and your team inspired and energized to reach new levels of success.

Leadership & Management Program

Radically Improve Your Approach to Leadership

This program is designed to help everyone from front-line supervisors to C-level executives radically improve their understanding and approach to leadership and management. It’s based on a foundation of time-trusted principles with modern skills implementation. It will help you better serve your people and improve your team’s or organization’s effectiveness and impact.

Some Program Topics Include:

  • Overlap, not Conflict
  • Differences and Similarities
  • The Unique Powers of Leadership
  • The Internal Kirk/Spock Partnership
  • The Power of Instinctive Behaviors
  • Maximizing Your Deepest Strengths
  • Honing Your Natural Leadership Style

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CustomizeD Training Session

Frank Will Design a Training Session to Fit Your Team

Sessions for financial advisors, for portfolio managers, or for wholesaler practices and groups can be customized to fit the topic of our scheduled seminar. Frank will work with you to provide relevant and tangible content to your team in a memorable and new way. Contact Frank by email to begin designing your next training event at


The Wholesaling Profession is at risk!

The world of wholesaling (mutual funds, annuities, insurance, asset management, etc.) is changing so fast it's hard to get your mind around it. In this environment there are dangers and opportunities. Those who can make the shift will thrive. Others are likely to be left behind. If you are a wholesaler know what I'm talking about.

This is a powerful, new training program (with follow-up coaching) designed to help wholesalers prepare for and thrive in the extremely challenging environment that currently exists and is going to intensify in our profession.

The full program is 8 hours, but it can be customized in modules to fit your team's needs and meeting agenda.


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