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Wholesaler Survival School

Welcome to Wholesaler Survival School!

This is a powerful, new training program (with follow-up coaching) designed to help wholesalers prepare for and thrive in the extremely challenging environment that currently exists and is going to intensify in our profession.

The wholesaling profession is vulnerable. Put simply…our jobs are changing and may be at risk!  

My guess is you know what I’m talking about.  Our profession is changing for many reasons and the current  environment includes:
Massive product competition / wholesaler contact overload  /  historically low advisor activity levels / shrinking product platforms / passive vs. active management bias / high costs and risks of the “field sales model” / fiduciary restrictions and compliance issues / changing advisor demographics / the emerging “robo-wholesaling” model.
The profession as a whole won’t go extinct, but for many individual wholesalers the choice will be either to excel or wash out.  If you’re not in the top 5% of your firm or in your territory…you could face some unpleasant consequences in the next few years. And it’s already happening.

1. Why are we calling this “Survival School?”

You are going to learn specific techniques, tactics, strategies, and tools that will maximize your chances of being among the “thrivers”…it’s that simple.  And you’re never going to learn these skills at normal company training meeting.  WSS ideas have nothing to do with funds or annuities or any other product.  Our goal is to make YOU the product that can never be replaced or duplicated.  We want to help you become the most valuable professional in your territory.  By doing that…by learning the advanced skills in this program…you will not only strengthen your position BUT you will actually DRIVE MORE SALES!   That’s what makes this process so exciting!

2. Who should come to Survival School?

WSS is for external and internal wholesalers who really want to grow and reach a new level of success. AND who are willing to learn some new ideas.  It doesn’t matter what products you wholesale.  Also, if you manage wholesalers at any level, WSS will be very valuable for you.

3. How much does it cost?

It’s $750 for the program.  Travel and hotel are NOT included in the fee.

4. I already work with a coach.

Great!  WSS compliments any coaching program in the industry. There are some super coaches out here and I hope you’re using them.  But this program is unique. No one teaches what you’re going to learn here.  The more enhanced skills you weave into your business…the stronger you will become.

5. Is there on-going help and coaching after the training program?

Yes!  You get one-year of personal help from me.  This is where we can customize and focus on your specific needs. Everyone is a little different, so on-going help can be critical to implementation success.

6. I’m a manager, can I do this for my team?

Absolutely!   The program is designed to be done in a one full day, but it’s modular, so it can be broken into chunks and delivered over time in your regular quarterly or periodic meetings. Also, I can customize the program around your team’s greatest needs. For example, you might be launching a new product and want to focus on advanced penetration strategies before getting into some of the other items. That’s totally possible.  Team pricing varies slightly…so let’s talk.

7. What do I get at the program?

You will receive a complete workbook along with a set of actionable ideas and tactics that will get you moving on Day One.  It’s a lot, but I’d rather give you choices and the flexibility to implement YOUR gameplan how you see fit.

8. What about the guarantee?

Ahhh…the guarantee!  So here’s the deal.  If at the end of the full-day program, you don’t think it will help you or you don’t find it valuable…you get a full refund on the spot. That doesn’t include your travel costs, of course…but you get your full course fee back right then and there.  I’ve honestly never heard of anyone who does this. But I am so confident that this will change your life that I have no problem making this promise.

9. What qualifies me to teach this program?

Good question!  In my 35 years in this business I’ve held several roles both inside or directly connected to the wholesaling profession.  I was an advisor, a senior manager at a major wirehouse and a wholesaler myself. I then served for ten years as the national sales manager for one of the most successful asset management firms in the world. After starting my own firm, I’ve worked with, trained and coached hundreds of wholesalers at scores of companies across the industry.  I’ve written three best-selling books and am generally recognized as one of the top keynote speakers and trainers in the business.
But more than the “what” is the “why” of what I’ve done.  You see, I think wholesaling is one of the greatest professions in the world. We have more “helping leverage” than almost anyone else in the financial industry. A great wholesaler can enhance the lives and careers of hundreds of advisors, who in turn can help tens of thousands of clients succeed.  BUT (and this is why I’ve developed this program)…most wholesalers don’t get a lot of help. Oh we get product training out the Yin Yang. But the advisors’ world has changed dramatically, and we have not kept pace nor adapted our approach. Many firms still wholesale (or TRY to) the same way we did it 25 years ago. And it’s so much tougher now that the old ways are comical failures.
So what qualifies me is three decades of experience, a deep and broad knowledge of the business, massive creativity and innovation, tremendous energy, gifted communication and training skills, and pure desire to help. If you need more than that, I’m tapped out!

10. So when and where is the next class? 

The next program date will be announced here soon. Please e-mail [email protected] if you would like to be notified once we set the date and location.

Any questions…just email me at [email protected] or call 774-571-8215.
Thanks…I look forward to seeing you at our next program.