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Kolbe-A-Picture2Kolbe A™ Index

The Kolbe A Index is a simple but amazing test developed by Kathy Kolbe ( that will give you an insight into your deepest natural strengths. I’ve used this with thousands of financial professionals and I have found it to be one of the most valuable tools for discovering your personal path to success in this business and in life. If you have questions before you give it a try, please call me anytime at 800-231-5272 or email me at Add to Cart


PLEASE READ THIS:  When you purchase this test you will receive a link via e-mail to take it on-line. It can take a few minutes to get to you depending on how busy the servers are…so please don’t panic. You will almost always get the link within 20-30 minutes of ordering. Once we receive your scores, I will e-mail you some dates and times for your personal consultation.  This is a special service we provide exclusively to financial professionals and it’s an extremely valuable discussion. The call usually takes about 30 minutes and if the times I suggest don’t work we can easily arrange a mutually convenient schedule. MULTIPLE TESTS:  If you are ordering a few Kolbe test links for several people, you may simply enter the quantity you need and pay once. Then send a separate e-mail to with the names and e-mail addresses of the people you wish to receive the test.  This is a lot easier than ordering each test separately. Also, please note you can NOT use a coupon code when ordering the Kolbe test.