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Frank is a top-rated speaker, trainer, and industry consultant. His keynotes and training programs address the biggest concerns advisors have, but in a modern and entertaining way.  No more old-school sales pitches or boring lectures. His delivery is filled with passion, energy, relevance and tremendous humor. His deep understanding of the business and real-world experience give him unparalleled credibility with anyone from raw rookies to multi-million-dollar producers. They know that he’s someone who can truly help them grow and enjoy their business.

Scroll through these popular keynote topics, or ask Frank to customize a keynote presentation to fit your specific event.

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The Lifeguard in the Storm

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A Bolder WHY for a Bigger World!

The Financial Services Profession has undergone a massive evolutionary shift and the old-school sales mentality of the past is dead! We are much more valuable than we think, but we need new ways of interacting with clients and prospects that reflect that amazing value. This program will arm you with a powerful set of skills that will not only make you more successful, but allow you to have more fun and work with more passion than you may have thought possible.
It is time to reach out boldly...stop selling and SAVE MORE LIVES!

"This program has been life-changing. It is filled with practical skills and immediate action steps that will enhance your business. And it's all based on the highest aspiration and most compelling image of what we as advisors are truly capable of!" (J. Markland, LPL)

"Your talk was inspiring and tremendous fun. The highlight of the entire three days!" (M. Davis, Cetera)

"That was awesome...thank you! It validated everything I've always felt about this amazing profession. We have the power to do so much good and you captured the essence perfectly!" (T. Camps, Voya)

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Passion prospecting

Building Your Business the Modern Way!

For too long, our profession has embraced what I call "The Pain Theory" of prospecting. We played the "game of numbers" where you had to bang your head against a wall in a never-ending battle for that one-in-a-hundred viable prospect. Well that simply doesn't work anymore. It's unnecessary, unsustainable, incompatible with modern clients and goes against human nature. So basically...we need to learn a new way. This program will arm you with the latest prospecting philosophy, strategies, and tactics that are actually enjoyable and fun to implement. It's filled with practical takeaways you can use immediately to get in front of more people who desperately need your guidance. I will help you find YOUR unique path to success...because growing your business can be a joyful process if you do it right.

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Thriving on CHAOS

5 Success Strategies for Scary Times

Difficult times are when top advisors are the most needed by and valuable to their clients. But specifically WHAT must you be doing and saying during these episodes of fear and uncertainty? And equally important HOW should you be stepping up your activity and communication levels? This program will teach you 5 simple but powerful strategies for increasing your engagement, presence and value during chaotic times. It will help you cement your relationships with your existing clients and position you for growth while other advisors are dormant. Warren Buffet famously said, "Uncertainty is the friend of the long-term investor." I would add that it's also the friend of the professional financial advisor.

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Conviction & Passion

Building the Twin Pillars of Success

Conviction & Passion Keynote Presentation

Keynote Presentation

Custom Keynote

Book Frank for Your Next Event.

Frank will customize a Keynote Speaking Program tailored specifically to your event as the main platform talk. Just as his other topics, your custom talk will be inspirational, practical and highly entertaining. The talk will be an ideal way to kick off your event with a bang or end it on a wonderful high note. The running time is typically one hour but can be altered as needed to fit your agenda.

Contact Frank directly to plan a Custom Keynote for your next event,

These keynote programs are ideal for leading into training programs The Maselli Group also provides.

Frank Maselli offers these training programs. Each may be combined with keynote speaking engagements as desired.
Many of these training programs can lead into tactical coaching sessions that provide customized focus on skills training.
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