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What Makes a Maselli Training Program Special?

Passion Prospecting: New Clients – New Assets – New Power! 

Folks, the old ways are dead!  Learn the modern way to grow. 
Prospecting does not need to hurt to work. In fact…if it is painful you’re doing it wrong!
Learn a whole new approach to growth that is actually as enjoyable as it is effective.
Book a Passion Prospecting program in your office or complex today and get growing again!
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What makes a Maselli training program special?

  1. They are high-impact: people do something immediately…this training creates positive behavior change!
  2. They are modern: these are fresh ideas that reflect today’s issues and client attitudes
  3. They are relevant: the content comes from the real world or today’s financial pros
  4. They are fun: our delivery is engaging and passionate and entertaining

Frank Maselli is one of the most dynamic and insightful trainers and speakers in the financial industry today. He has worked with thousands of advisors, managers, and wholesalers across the nation from firms including Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, MetLife, Lincoln Financial, Nationwide, Pacific Life, AXA Advisors, and AGF of Canada.

During a thirty-five year career, Frank has served in a wide array of successful roles including advisor, branch manager, wholesaler and most recently as Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager of Natixis Asset Management in Boston where he created the renowned Advisor Academy.

Frank’s passion for the business and unique sense of humor bring these training programs and keynote presentations to life. He consistently is ranked as the top speaker at hundreds of industry conferences nationwide.

Frank is also the author of three best-selling books Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic, Referrals: The Professional Way and 40 Tips for the Under 40 Advisor. 

Advanced Skill Training

Advisors, wholesalers and managers need MODERN SKILLS to succeed today!

Modern is what my training programs are all about.  How can financial professionals grow their business and reach out to new clients in new ways that go far beyond the old techniques of the past?

The goal is twofold: growth and greater enjoyment. My training programs will absolutely win you new clients and assets, but it will also generate more fun and positive energy than you might have imagined possible.  The days of beating your head against a wall are over. No more arm-twisting, or heavy-handed tactics.

Whether you are brand new or a 35-year veteran looking to pick up some fresh techniques, these programs will help you.  It amazes me how little training there is in the business today. It seems that firms expect you to somehow be born with skills. Oh, there’s plenty of product training. But in all my years in the business I’ve never met a single advisor who was struggling from lack of product!  If anything we need to find better prospects, more clients, and stronger relationships.

Here are a few of the topics we cover in the advisor program. There are separate ones for wholesalers and managers.

-Seminars and workshops
-Trade show marketing
-Event marketing
-Referrals (from clients and centers of influence)
-Client psychology
-Objection handling
-Target or niche marketing
-Social networking (with personal contacts)
-Web-based marketing
-Effective direct mail techniques
-Team development
-Motivation & personal discipline
-Listening skills

These training programs are delivered live and in-person by me.  To learn more, simply e-mail me at [email protected].