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The Personal Profile Interview

This might be the most powerful and advanced marketing idea I’ve ever developed.  It can help you tell your story in a unique and professional way. It elevates your stature with clients, prospects, centers of influence and local community leaders.  It will help raw rookies and seasoned veterans.

Click below to read more about the Personal Profile Interview:

The Personal Profile Interview

Interview Samples

A Great Analogy for Advisors

Click on the image to download the PDF version

A Harbor Pilot is a highly skilled specialist who guides ships of all sizes safely into port.  This extremely dangerous part of the journey is just like retirement. There are hundreds of hidden hazards that can sink a client’s financial future.  And it takes unique talents and knowledge to navigate them. That’s exactly what you do every day!   

Download this article and learn how to tell a great story that evokes a powerful image of your role in the client’s life. 

The Psychology of Referrals

Psych of Referrals
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Asking for referrals or introductions from your best clients or from centers-of-influence isn’t easy.  And the techniques we’ve all learned over many decades simply don’t work anymore.  This article will explain why and what you can do to make referrals a successful part of your business with modern clients. No more “begging for names” or uncomfortable arm-twisting. Time to learn a new way!

Virtual Presentation E-Score

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Delivering great virtual workshops takes new and different skills than a live program. But the key is still your ability to reach the audience on an emotional level. 

Take this short assessment and see how good you are. It will help you maximize the business results of your events. 

If you would like to discuss your score, email the file to me at and we can set up a FREE CONSULTATION. 

If you prefer the fillable spreadsheet version CLICK HERE

Webinars: 6 Helpful Pro Tips

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Webinars are all the rage right now. And they can be great even after “social distancing” is over.  But to do them well, you need some advanced skills. They’re not like a typical live presentation. In fact, in many ways they’re a lot harder. For one thing, as the presenter you are not able to “read the room” or draw energy from the audience.  It’s all push and no pull. That calls for changes in your delivery and in your program. 

These tips will help you make your webinars much more enjoyable for your audience and productive for you.  

Audio podcast:
The 8 Basic Rules of Storytelling

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Storytelling in a workshop is a fantastic way to bond with and audience and help them learn critical lessons.  

BUT telling the wrong kind of story – OR – telling a good story badly – OR – telling it at the wrong time – OR – dragging it out too long – could hurt you and turn the audience off!  So learn how to tell stories like a pro! 

Audio podcast:
The NEW Power Close

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The goal of a workshop is to educate and genuinely help the public.  BUT…it’s also to build relationships with new clients who would benefit from your wisdom and expertise. This “closing technique” will help you maximize the number and quality of appointments you generate from your workshops!  

The New Power Close Video & Slides

Here’s the video and complete PowerPoint. 

Click above for the VIDEO
Click to view and download the SLIDES

The Price Was Right

Click the image to download a pdf

This is a fun little game you can play with any workshop audience that will get them thinking, laughing, and totally engaged.  PLUS…you get to teach them about inflation and the impact over their lifetime.   Download HERE or on the image to download the pdf or go to The Store and buy the actual PowerPoint.  It’s cheap…$59.95! 

Audio podcast: The Q&A Session

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Download the podcast and listen in the car or at the gym!  

Yeah…because I’m at the gym like constantly! 

The Amazing Power of the Q&A Session!

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The Question & Answer segment of your workshop is absolutely critical to your success. But many advisors seem to be skipping this…and it’s a HUGE mistake! 

There’s no need to hide from questions anymore!

This new white paper will show you why and how to do a simple but super-effective Q&A that will dramatically enhance your stature and increase your appointment ratio. 

The Workshop Evaluation

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Download this quick evaluation and see how well your presentation stacks up relative to the 9 Critical Emotions. You can email your scores to me in preparation for a private coaching session. 

Click HERE or on the image to download the pdf. 

Chap. 16 - Speaker Nightmares

Click on the image to download

This is the the chapter in my book (Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic) that deals with speaker “nightmares” like the sniper, the griper, and the SOCK. It goes into detail on how to handle difficult people if they pop up at your events. Click on the image to read and/or download it. 

Frank's Podcasts

Frank’s Podcasts deliver fresh ideas and meaningful tips on how to improve your business. They are a great resource to follow with new updates regularly.

Follow the full Podcast series!

The Appointment Card

This is a very simple card that you can download and have printed for your workshops. It gathers all the important information and gives people choices for date, time, and location for this critical first appointment.  You can print 2 half-page-sized or 4 quarter-page-sized cards. For a small fee we can send this to you with your company logo on it. Email if you’re interested. 

The Financial Lifeguard Challenge

The Lifeguard Model is based on the reality that we are a life-saving profession…infinitely more valuable than we think or than the media portrays us. Take this simple test to see if you qualify. Click here to read and download

“The Financial Lifeguard Challenge”

The Social Prospecting Script

Every advisor knows people with money. They might be relatives, former co-workers, personal friends or social acquaintances. You would love to have some of them as clients and they could benefit from your expertise BUT…asking personal social contacts to do business is brutally hard to do without looking salesy. 

I have found a way! This will help you bring up the subject of doing business without pressure. You will look like a hero instead of a salesperson. Click HERE or on the image to download. 

Lifeboat Drill

Lifeboat drill is one of the most critical conversations you can have with your top clients and prospects right now.  It will demonstrate that you are a proactive and intelligent professional who is constantly on guard for trouble and opportunity. It will also help you consolidate client assets and generate referrals.

Download the entire script and give it a try.
New Lifeboat Drill

Binder Strategy Intro

Click on the image to download

The Binder Strategy is a powerful prospecting and “drip-marketing” tool that has numerous uses. It is proving highly effective at targeting hard-to-reach prospects and it does so in a unique way that distinguishes you from your competition. 

Click HERE or on the image to listen to the audio explaining how it works.  The full program with all the print files is available in The Store.  If you have questions, please e-mail Frank at

Advisor Letter to a Wholesaler

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The old world of product wholesaling is dead!  To survive and thrive in the new profession wholesalers need to embrace their true value as trusted partners and start using new techniques to help advisors succeed.  Check out this letter to understand what this new world looks and feels like. 

Frank & White Glove

Together with White Glove, Frank Maselli created a series of informative videos to help you improve your own presentations and ultimately lead to increased business.

Watch the full series on
White Glove’s YouTube Channel!

Having Food at Workshops

Even if you’re doing educational workshops only and not the traditional lunch or dinner events, you STILL need some kind of snacks. People like to eat and drink and this is one way of making your folks feel comfortable and welcomed at the event. Doing it right also sends a subliminal message about you and the way you treat you clients. Very nice!!

10 basic workshop Rules

Don’t leave home without these 10 simple rules of workshops. They will always help you. 

"Never Before" Opening Video

This is a great opening for any retirement-oriented workshop that will get the audience excited about your seminar.

Click on the image above to download

The Dollar-Bill Opening

This is a great opening for any retirement-oriented workshop that will get the audience excited about your seminar.

Click on the image above to download

Video: Opening & Closing Practice

I’m not a big fan of practicing every part of the workshop beforehand. But there are two parts of the event that you absolutely must “nail.”  The Power Opening and Close are essential for your success. So practice those until you can deliver them in your sleep. 

Video: Two Topics that Resonate

There are two topics that you can weave into almost any workshop and they are generating a tremendous buzz from every audience. One is the discussion of Sequence of Returns Risk, which can be devastating to a retiree’s portfolio. The public is woefully uninformed about this issue. The second topic is the idea of taking some chips off the table and “de-risking” or protecting a portion of their assets. We are in the longest bull stock market in US history. For some clients, this idea will make a lot of sense..and make you look smart too.   

Video: Handouts for the Workshop

It’s very important to give people something when they walk into your workshop. A simple pocket folder can be very effective.  Stay away from sales material and stick with educational materials only. Include an agenda and a bio.  I don’t recommend giving the audience copies of the slides because it ruins the drama. Instead I give out customized note paper with the title and date of the workshop. And, for advisors with a unique or interesting story to tell, use the Personal Profile Interview (PPI). It  can be a major homerun! 

Video: Start and end on time

Starting and ending on time seems like an obvious no-brainer. But sometimes, you might be tempted to wait for more people to show up and delay the start. Or you might be in a lengthy Q&A session and running late. Try really hard to stick to what you promised them. People often get annoyed when things don’t run according to the schedule

The Conviction Pyramid

Conviction is the rudder of your ship. It is a set of beliefs, attitudes and actions that keep your business on course every day. No one can give you conviction, you have to build it yourself and The Conviction Pyramid will get you started in just three steps.

Click here to read and download
The Conviction Pyramid

The 6 Ps – A Guide for Understanding
& Marketing Managed Money

This article is a quick reference guide for understanding and marketing managed money and mutual funds. It will help you get comfortable with the essential elements of any story.

Click here to read “The 6 Ps”

The Professional Conversation

Active listening is a powerful skill that will dramatically enhance tone-pager will get you started and keep you on the right track.


Click here to read
“Active Listening”

Active Listening

Active listening is a powerful skill that will dramatically enhance the quality of your client relationships and differentiate you from your competition. It’s easy to learn but requires regular practice to master. This one-pager will get you started and keep you on the right track.

Click here to read “Active Listening”

12 Question Psychological Interview

These 12 questions will help you build great relationships and can be used in almost any profiling scenario. The answers reveal what type of person your client is and the best way to work with them. Don’t use these in rigid order from 1-12, but instead let them guide you through a natural and relaxed discovery process.

Read about Active Listening before you implement this interview.

Click here to read
“12 Question Psychological Interview”

The Rule of 2

Setting the right goals is essential for success. And the only goals you should set are the ones you can control…which is why it’s better to focus on ACTIVITY.  Here is a simple list of suggested activity goals that will drive your business success. Click below to read and download:

“The Rule of 2”

Prospecting Program Flyer

 New Clients – New Assets – New Power!"

This training program is designed to help advisors get back to growing their business with modern skills and techniques that actually work! Click below for a one-pager that explains some of the details.

Click here to read
“Prospecting Program Flyer”

Frank Maselli Offers Custom Tactical Coaching Programs

Frank will customize your private tactical coaching program to address your most important and impactful methods of practice. During this session, Frank will help you identify strategies to improve your day-to-day work flow, how you interact with clients, and ways to strengthen your practice that can provide tangible results.

Private coaching sessions are for individuals or management teams.

Read about Custom Tactical Training Programs.

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