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Seminar Appointment Card


This is a sample of the appointment card I recommend for workshops.  It’s in 2-up and 4-up versions so you can take it to a printer and have it cut appropriately.  If you have questions, e-mail me at [email protected]

Lifeboat Drill (New)

Lifeboat drill is one of the most critical conversations you can have with your top clients and prospects right now.  It will demonstrate that you are a proactive, intelligent profession who is on constant guard for trouble and opportunity. It will also help you consolidate client assets and generate referrals.  Download the entire script and give it a try.     NewLifeboatDrill


Binder Strategy Intro

The audio file above is the first 2 chapters of “The Binder Strategy” …a very powerful prospecting and “drip-marketing” tool that has numerous uses. It is proving highly effective at targeting hard-to-reach prospects and it does so in a unique and very professional way that distinguishes you from your competition.
Click above to listen to the audio explaining the basic idea…it really works!
For the complete Binder Strategy audio and print files go to The Store.
If you have questions…please e-mail [email protected]



The “Never Before” Opening Script

This is a great power opening for any retirement oriented workshop. NeverBeforeOpening


The Personal Profile Interview

This might be the most powerful and advanced marketing idea I’ve ever developed.  It can help you tell your story in a unique and highly professional way. It elevates your stature with clients, prospects, centers of influence, and local community leaders.  It will help raw rookies and seasoned veterans.  Take a look!

CLICK HERE to read more about the Personal Profile InterviewPPI Cover2


Kolbe A Index Overview

The Kolbe A Index may be the single most powerful success tool in our profession. It’s a unique assessment test that identifies a person’s innate strengths. Far deeper than personality or intelligence, your instinctive behaviors are lifelong allies and will always be with you. This piece explains more and then you can take the test right through my website.

Click here to read and download the KolbeOverview

The Conviction Pyramid

Conviction is the rudder of your ship. It is a set of beliefs, attitudes, and actions that keep your business on course every day. No one can give you conviction… you have to build it yourself and The Conviction Pyramid will get you started in just three steps.

Click here to read and download the Conviction Pyramid

The Passion Workbook

Passion is the engine that drives your business. Unleash this limitless power inside you and start having some fun!

Click Here To Read “Passion Workbook”

Referrals The Professional Way – Chapter 1

Referrals are not easy and there is no clever sales technique that will magically unlock the client’s world. Getting referrals, especially from your top clients or frm CPAs and attorneys is very hard and requires advanced skills and a new approach that makes you look like the true professional you are. This book will change forever the way you think about and generate quality referrals.

Click Here To Read “Referrals The Professional Way – Chapter 1”

The Dollar Bill Opening

Try this at your next seminar. It’s a simple but powerful way to grab peoples’ attention and differentiate yourself in that critical first minute of the event.

Click Here To Read “Dollar Bill Opening”

The 6 Ps – A Guide for Understanding & Marketing Managed Money

This article is a quick reference guide for understanding and marketing managed money and mutual funds. It will help you get comfortable with the essential elements of any story.

Click Here To Read “The 6 Ps”

Active Listening

Active listening is a powerful skill that will dramatically enhance the quality of your client relationships and differentiate you from your competition. It’s easy to learn but requires regular practice to master. This one-pager will get you started and keep you on the right track.

Click Here To Read “Active Listening”

Cold Call Counterpunches & Do/Don’t Checklist

On the surface, cold calling may seem like a simple task, but it can be a complex mental game filled with conflicting emotions. Many advisors fight an internal, call-by-call battle the result of which is diminished effectiveness and reduced enjoyment. You can start turning that around right now.

Click Here To Read “Cold Call Counterpunches”

The Rule of 2

A simple list of activity goals to help drive your business success.

Click Here To Read “The Rule of 2”

The Advisor Self Analysis

To succeed in the NEW Financial Services Industry, an advisor must possess 10 Critical Skills. This self-analysis will help you figure out where you are on that curve.

Click Here To Read “Advisor Self Analysis”

Seminar Appointment Slides

Add these slides to the end of your presentation and increase the number and quality of appointments. For a complete discussion, check out my book Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic or the CD called Seminar Closing Techniques. If you have any questions, please contact me at 800-231-5272.

Click here to download “Seminar Appointment Slides”

Prospecting Program Flyer

“PASSION PROSPECTING: New Clients – New Assets – New Power!”

This training program is designed to help advisors get back to growing their business with modern skills and techniques that actually work! Click below for a one-pager that explains some of the details.

Click Here To Read “Prospecting Program Flyer”

12 Question Psychological Interview

These 12 questions will help you build great relationships and can be used in almost any profiling scenario. The answers will reveal much about the kind of person they are and how best you can work with them. Don’t use these in rigid order from 1-12, but instead let them guide you through a natural and relaxed discovery process. Also…read about Active Listening before you implement this interview.

Click Here To Read “12 Question Psychological Interview”

Social Prospecting

Bringing up the subject of business with your close friends and social contacts can be a very tricky and uncomfortable thing. But these are wonderful people who probably need your help and whom you would love to have as clients. So how can you transition these relationships from purely social to professional? How can you “mine” the incredible circles of friends and contacts you may have for business in a way that makes you look like a hero instead of a salesperson? Download this article to learn a process that might help. It includes a script for the initial conversation!

PLUS: Special advice for new advisors on marketing to your friends, relatives and former business colleagues. Some people may tell you it’s the best way to get your business off to a quick start. But doing this wrong could destroy the potential for fantastic relationships down the road.

Click Here To Read “Social Prospecting”

Prospecting Assessment

This tool will help you determine which prospecting activities are likely to be the most productive and successful for you. It will help you identify those activities you should be doing more of and which ones you should stop doing. Share this with your coach, or contact me directly to discuss it.

Click Here To Read “The Prospecting Assessment”