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4th Edition

The most modern and effective thinking on the science and art of referrals!


This book is filled with practical ideas that work! This is a totally new approach to referrals that specifically resonates with high net-worth clients and centers of influence like accountant and attorneys. It will position you in as the confident professional you are and take the fear of referrals away from your best people.


In this book you will learn:

  • – An entirely new framework for referrals (hint: they’re not about you)
  • – Why you need to scrap the “please help me” approach immediately!
  • – How to build a pro-active referral plan that puts you in total control
  • – How to understand and overcome your own legitimate fears of asking
  • – How to get more referrals from centers of influence (CPS, attorneys, etc.)
  • – What to say (and NOT to say) when a client says, “I can’t think of anyone.”
  • – How to bring up referrals with a new client in a way that makes sense
  • – How to stay on a client’s radar screen and capture “bird dog” referrals
  • – How to build your brand identity and make your entire team more referable
  • – How to create a Referral Guide that opens doors with centers of influence
  • – How to deal with the unspoken referral objections and client fears
  • – Plus actual worksheets and referral scripts you can use today!