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* * * NEW DATES for 2021 * * *

Thursday & Friday  Sept. 16 & 17, 2021

***The video still says April 30 and May 1, but we moved it due to COVID***

The training is invaluable for both live and virtual events

Courtyard Charlotte Airport / Billy Graham Parkway

321 W. Woodlawn Road – Charlotte, NC  28217

Whether live or virtual, on average, advisors who do workshops will spend over $60,000 per year on that effort. Some do less and others a lot more, but we’re talking real money here. 

The problem is too many advisors are struggling and are not having the kind of success they need or deserve.  

The reason is simple…workshops are hard! Audiences today are coming in with a boatload of conflicting emotions. On one hand they are concerned, confused, and know they need help. Even if they have an advisor and have made decent money over the past few years…they are very worried about the future.

But they are afraid to trust anyone.

You can really help them, but first you have to break through those barriers and make an intellectual and emotional connection. 

To do that with 75% or more of the room takes advanced skills.

That’s what this program is all about!

  • We will cover in detail:

    • Why workshops work: 10 benefits you didn’t know! 
    • Prepping the stage: detailed pre-show planning
    • Structuring and organizing the content for maximum understanding
    • The Power Opening: how to wow them from Minute One 
    • Stories: When and why to use them & how to tell them well
    • The 5 types of stories that work and the 3 that DON’T!
    • Framing statistics to give them meaning
    • 5 simple PowerPoint tips to punch up your presentations
    • Mastering the dreaded Q&A session
    • How to triple your appointments with The NEW Power Close
    • How to work with guest speakers & partners
    • Handling tough crowds, DIYers, gripers, & snipers
    • Injecting humor and fun into dull content
    • Audience engagement exercises
    • How to do a great commercial without selling
    • Materials to hand out that they will love
    • Using simple analogies, metaphors & props
    • Improving your physical presence and vocal impact
    • How to self-coach and be your own most valuable critic
    • Finding your natural speaking style
    • Shifting gears for really small or super large crowds
    • How to increase your reach with other types of speaking
    • All this PLUS…1 year of free coaching with me! 

You are going to learn things that no one else in the industry knows and that no one else could teach you. 

That’s not bragging.  But after 4,000 financial seminars and 35 years of coaching advisors…I’ve learned a few things that are absolutely going to make a huge difference in your world. 

2 days – Charlotte, NC – Thursday & Friday, September 16 & 17, 2021.

Courtyard Charlotte Airport / Billy Graham Parkway

321 W. Woodlawn Road – Charlotte, NC  28217

Cost is $1,500 – Rooms are not included. You can stay wherever you like.  We will go from 9 to 5 with breakfast, lunch, and snacks…I love snacks!

Over these 2 days I will arm you with all the skills you need to double or triple your business results.

Look, $1,500 isn’t chump change, but it’s less than 20% of the cost of a single workshop and it will change your results forever.  That’s an incredibly smart investment. The handout materials alone are worth that. 

Teams are only $1,000 per person and your admin assistant can come for free!

And it comes with one year of free coaching from me.  So you will have on-going help implementing and tweaking the techniques you’ve learned long after the program is over.

That’s it…I hope you can make it!

If you have questions call me 919-329-2723 or e-mail  And stay tuned for the hotel room discount process. That’s coming ASAP. 


Courtyard Charlotte Airport / Billy Graham Parkway

321 W. Woodlawn Road – Charlotte, NC  28217