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Take Advantage Of These
Private Coaching Sessions With
Frank Maselli

During a one-on-one Coaching Session, Frank will take an in-depth analysis of your methods in any topic you choose. He will provide relevant and tangible insight into updated methods that will improve your practice and lead you into a more productive, more successful practice. 

In addition, there are four important topics Frank has been asked to address again and again to help Financial Managers improve their business practice. The topics below are now offered as part of Frank’s Coaching Program. 



Private Coaching Session

Private Coaching Sessions are For Individuals
or Management Teams.

Frank will customize your Private Tactical Coaching Session to address your most important and impactful methods of practice. During this session, Frank will help you identify strategies to improve your day-to-day work flow, how you interact with clients, and ways to strengthen your practice that can provide tangible results.

Contact Frank directly to plan a Custom Keynote for your next event,


Advisor Self-Analysis

Test 10 Critical Skills Needed to Succeed in Financial Management.

This self-analysis is designed to give you a quick snapshot of your current practice in the light of the new financial services industry model. Your scores on the 10 Critical Skills will reveal those areas in which you may need more training and possibly a new awareness. In taking this test, remember the results are just for you…so be brutally honest. There is no reason or benefit to skew reality. If you are part of a team, it will be very useful for each member to complete the questionnaire on their own and compare answers. This could reveal potential disconnects in perception or communication among teammates.

I urge you to think about your future in a positive and new way. Knowing your score will guide you into focusing on improvements that are relative and effective for you personally.

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Tactical Coaching

Seminar Evaluation Service

Designed to Enhance the Success of Your Workshops

Are your seminars effective? Are they worth your effort? There is no better way to increase your client base and grow your business that providing successful workshops that introduce you to more people in need of your services. And, are not many other ways to fail at that than to host a dull, irrelevant seminar.

Frank is one of the best known, and most entertaining speakers today. In this service, Frank will evaluate your seminar and provide feedback to improve the outcome of your events and make them more worthwhile for you and for our new clients.

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Here are additional Training Programs
The Maselli Group also provides.

Frank Maselli offers these Training Programs. Each may be combined with Keynote Speaking Engagements as desired.
Many of these Training Programs can lead into Tactical Coaching sessions that provide customized focus on skills training.
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"Frank's presentation to the FPA of New Jersey was like a breath of fresh air.
Frank's grasp of the industry, coupled with his candor and sense of humor,
energized and inspired our attendees,
daring us to see the value we bring to our clients."
Diane deOliveira
President of the New Jersey Chapter of the Financial Planning Association

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