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Advisor Self-Analysis

Fill out the questions below and submit the quiz to find out your score.


Start with Conviction

I have a core set of beliefs about my business that do not vary and cannot be shaken by market volatility.


I incorporate these convictions into my daily activities.


I regularly share these convictions with my team and my clients.


Work with Passion

I am genuinely excited about what I am doing as a professional.


I feel confident, in control and enthusiastic about the overall direction of my business.


I recognize my deepest personal strengths and am working from those strengths every day.


Invest in Yourself

I invest 5-10% of my gross income into my business every year.


I attend and participate in advanced skill training to enhance my personal strengths.


I know where my marketing dollars are going and what the return on that investment is.


Be Disciplined

I have some form of written business plan that defines my goals and activities for the year or month.


Despite market activity, I have a pretty good idea of what I will be working on every day.


I am able to focus my attention and energy on the most critical and valuable tasks for my business.


Thrive on Chaos

I am intellectually and emotionally comfortable with rapid change and economic volatility.


When faced with external uncertainty and confusion, I remain calm and act decisively for my clients.


I take advantage of difficult times to grow my business and reach out to new clients.


Become a Professional Communicator

I can simplify complex concepts into easy-to-understand, actionable language for my clients.


I practice “active listening” and am able to identify the intellectual and emotional content in a conversation.


I am comfortable, professional and effective when speaking to groups.


Learn to Target Market

I currently specialize in a certain type of client segment or a particular investment discipline.


I have already identified a target market niche opportunity that I am penetrating for business.


I can identify key local industries, companies and professionals that I would like to target.


Master Referrals

I am currently getting a steady stream of high-quality referrals from my top clients.


I know specifically which clients and centers of influence (COIs) I would like referrals from.


I have developed an effective, professional approach for asking for referrals from top clients and COIs.


Build Your Team

I am part of a good team -OR- I recognize the benefits of teams and am starting to build one.


My team functions effectively with each member working mainly in their strongest abilities.


I have a “virtual” team which allows me to tap the expertise of other professionals as needed.


Build Your Brand

I have a strong individual brand identity that is clearly defined and easy to understand.


I have branded my business on my core strengths and most consistent actions/behaviors.


The majority of my top clients know who I am and specifically what I do for them.