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A Screaming Opportunity!



You gotta’ love The Man Clam!  And he’s wearing a suit and tie no less. Such a natty mollusk!

Listen…we are living through a scary B movie right now.  The stock market has just finished its worst start to any year in history and people are engulfed by a massive blob of uncertainty!

The fact is that you should be doing cartwheels!

This is an ideal time to boost your prospecting activity and reach out to new clients. There is a confluence of forces right now that make clients more willing to listen to a new advisor than at any time in the past decade.

And yes that includes 2008 because people were so clouded by anger that new relationships were toxic from the start.

Today’s horror movie includes client uncertainty, massive advisor lethargy and lack of modern marketing skills, media sponsored confusion, looming retirement, and rising interest rates.  Add to all that the general negative tone of an election year and you have a blockbuster Hollywood script for jumping ship.

The genuine fear in the minds of investors right now has many thinking that whatever they’re doing with their money is not the right thing. And that makes them willing to listen to a calm, clear, reassuring voice. Or ANY voice…since far too many advisors are not communicating effectively with their clients.

How do I prospect?

This is by far the single biggest question I’ve been getting for over thirty years.  I do have an answer, and you’re going to love it.

You prospect from PASSION!

The reality is that every prospecting technique will work if you truly love it and do it well.  The trick is to find a set of activities that you actually enjoy doing and do them…a lot. Do them until you get really good at them.

It doesn’t matter what those activities are because every advisor is going to be slightly different and there are a thousand ways to succeed. The list runs the gamut from simple direct mail to complex trade shows and event marketing. Some strategies are free or cheap as dirt…others will cost you $40,000 a month. The key is that you must enjoy them because if prospecting causes you pain or anxiety you’re not going to stick with it long enough to get good.

And anyone who tells you that you must suffer pain to grow either really doesn’t care about your success or is saying, “I don’t know what to tell you!”   So they repeat the ancient slogans of the past sales business…The Willy Loman School of Beating Your Head Against a Wall Until You Die!

“Let me help!”

“A hundred years or so from now I believe, a famous novelist will write a classic using that theme.  He’ll recommend those three words even over, ‘I love you.'”  

(A FREE Referral book to the first ten people who can identify that quote!)

I have an entire range of tools designed to help advisors grow their business. These include books, audio CDs, DVDs and workbooks.  Some cost money and some are free.  If you order anything in the next 48 hours, use the coupon code “Aces” and you’ll save a ton of money.

But here are some free tools you now that might get you started. You can download them right from the Resource Vault on the website.

The Prospecting Assessment. This is a simple questionnaire that will help us identify the activities that you’re likely to enjoy and the ones that you should totally ignore.  Share it with your manager, coach or talk with me about it. It’s a great starting point.

The Cold Call Counterpunches & Do/Don’t Checklist   I use the phone sparingly as a marketing tool but I know that many advisors are still encouraged to smile and dial. This will help you make calling a more effective tool.

The Rule of 2 is a good general guide for setting some consistent marketing activity goals. You can modify it for your own style.  

The Personal Profile Interview  is one of the best marketing/branding tools I’ve ever created. It will dramatically boost your stature in the minds of prospects and differentiate you from a mass of “plain vanilla” advisors.

The Social Prospecting Script is designed to help you approach your closest personal friends, neighbors, golf-buddies, board colleagues, etc. and bring up the idea of doing business without looking salesy.  It allows you to penetrate your inner circle and look like a hero instead of pushing too hard for their business….very powerful.

The Passion Prospecting Program

If you really want to grow a modern way, you need to attend my training program “Passion Prospecting: New Clients – New Assets – New Power!”  In this full or half-day session, I teach advisors specifically how to find those modern marketing activities that are most likely to generate new relationships and create some real enjoyment in the process. It’s a fantastic session that we can do right in your office. It’s not cheap but it’s worth every cent.

Tell your manager or better yet, grab a couple of good wholesalers and tell them you want something more than a product pitch. The best ones will be happy to sponsor a session locally. I work with most mutual fund and annuity companies and they are always looking for a way to add value. If you can pull together a group of twenty five advisors, I might even be able to find a sponsor for you. So let me know.   

The bottom line

Right now you have a rare window of opportunity to grow your business. It will take a little effort but people will pay attention. The amazing part is that you don’t even need a particularly unique or exciting message. Even something as simple as a “second opinion” call will pay off.

“Mr. Prospect, I know you have an advisor. But there’s a lot of confusion and uncertainty in the markets right now. There has never been a more important time to have a fresh set of eyes look at your portfolio. Best case is that I can confirm you’re on track and doing just fine. But I might be able to identify some potential danger spots that your current advisor simply can’t see.  It can’t hurt to have my team take a look. You don’t want to just keep plowing through this stormy sea without taking a compass reading. It’s just too tricky out here right now.”

For a little extra motivation you could warn him about the hedge-fund manager who turned into a terrifying, giant, blood-sucking leach.

Ah, nevermind…that’s redundant!