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The Year of the Annuity

I never pitch products in my training programs or keynotes. It’s a rule I’ve lived by for decades because I believe that advanced skills are product neutral. It’s up to each advisor to decide what’s best for the client. But there is a confluence of forces right now that is causing me to bend that rule a bit. I think 2016 could be the Year of the Annuity! If you’ve never done one…

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A Screaming Opportunity!

  You gotta' love The Man Clam!  And he's wearing a suit and tie no less. Such a natty mollusk! Listen...we are living through a scary B movie right now.  The stock market has just finished its worst start to any year in history and people are engulfed by a massive blob of uncertainty! The fact is that you should be doing cartwheels! This is an ideal time to boost your prospecting activity…

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