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Seminars & Workshops – Complete 4-DVD MASTER CLASS!

This is the advanced course! Everything you ever wanted to know about making your seminars the most powerful and successful events they can be. These DVDs are filled with practical skills and techniques you can use and refer back to any time you need them.  Think about it…you spend tens of thousands of dollars on seminars and events.  Doesn’t it make sense to maximize the business results of each one?  If you pick up one additional client all year from these techniques, the program will have paid for itself ten times over.  That’s a 1,000% return on investment!

Frank is the recognized industry expert in all forms of seminars and presentations. He has helped thousands of advisors improve their skills and their impact. He has worked with almost every firm in the industry and has seen (and probably made) more mistakes than you will ever experience.

Put this knowledge to work for you. Don’t repeat the same errors most advisors make. Tiny little shifts can make gigantic differences in the mind of your audience. The way you say certain things, the look on your face, the analogies you use, the humor you inject, the stories you tell…even your movements and gestures have a massive impact.

After applying only a handful of Frank’s ideas you will see your appointment ratio climb. You will notice that people WANT to work with you.  Your seminars will become powerful client-generating machines and you will start having more fun than ever before. Your new question will be “How many more of these can I do…because THIS IS WORKING!” 

Price: $1,249.99   (includes the new book and 2 audio CDs)

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Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic 4th Ed.

The new book is IN!   Get your copy now and start doing the best seminars you’ve ever done!  

This book has become the industry guide for seminars, workshops and presentations of all kinds. The fourth edition contains new ideas for today’s challenging times including a new chapter on generating attendance with White Glove Workshops. Learn how to do super-effective seminars and drive your business to new levels of success! Don’t even think of doing an event before you read this book. It will save you a lot of pain and wasted time…and probably double your seminar results if you use it.

Price: $35.00

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FULL Referral Training Program –  Book / Audios / Implementation Workbook!

If referrals are important to you (and they should be) this program will dramatically enhance your success!  It contains everything you need to implement the revolutionary ideas in Frank’s best-selling book. This is the entire 5-hour training program on 4 audio CDs that will teach you the specific skills you need to make referrals a major part of your world. No more begging for names. No more used-car sales pain or Jedi mind tricks to coerce people into giving you names of friends. It’s a whole new approach that takes the fear away from the client and makes you look like the trusted professional you truly are!

The Workbook includes all the documents you need to create your own referral process. Without a process all you have is wishes. This will give you the specific action steps and walk you step-by-step in how to do them. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel…it’s all in here with samples and the forms.  You also get the links to the downloadable pdf’s, so you don’t have to create anything yourself!

Price: $749.99

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Referrals The Professional Way: 10 Strategies for Networking with Top Clients & Centers of Influence (4th Edition)

Our industry has totally screwed up the referral process with ancient sales techniques that make you look weak and desperate. Well those days are gone!  No more begging for names or heavy-handed, arm twisting.  This book will teach you a new way of asking for referrals from your very best people that makes you look like a hero in their eyes.  AND…even more important…makes the overwhelming fear of referrals in the client’s mind go away!  It’s a revolutionary set of ideas and a very simple, honest approach to one of the greatest challenges advisors face.

Price : $35.00

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40 Tips for the Under 40 Advisor:  Some Thoughts and Laughter for the Next Generation

A bold new generation of advisors is taking over the profession and they’re in for an incredible journey!  If you’re part of this “Under 40” group, this book will help you avoid some of pitfalls and the dumb mistakes we made.  And maybe help you navigate the dangerous times yet to come.  And even if you’re over 40, you might find tremendous wisdom and insight in these tips. They come from three decades of real-world, in-the-trenches experience as an advisor, a top manager and an advisor coach. Nothing in here is fluff or theory…it’s all battle scars baby!

“It doesn’t matter how old you are…this is a MUST READ book!”  Greg M. – Merrill Lynch

Price: $19.95

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The Binder Strategy: 45-minute Audio Training & Print Samples

This is a modern, professional, easy way to reach wealthy prospects…and a strategy you’re going to love!  It’s simple to do, cheap as dirt, totally compliant, takes very little energy and effort, completely unique and IT WORKS!   We’re seeing appointment ratios as high as 30-50%!     This package contains a complete walk-through of the whole process plus samples of everything you need to start TODAY!  Prospecting doesn’t need to be painful. You can grow your business in smart, fun ways that don’t cost a bundle and don’t require you to stretch miles beyond your comfort zone. Let The Binder Strategy help you make this the best year you’ve ever had.

Price: $149.99

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Audio CD: Getting Started with Seminars

Please don’t attempt a seminar or an event until you listen to this 73-minute CD. It will save you thousands of dollars in wasted money, time and energy. These are the core basics that you should simply never ignore. They are common sense, but uncommonly crucial to your success!

Price: $16.00

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Audio CD: Seminar Closing Techniques: How to Turn Attendees into Appointments

Face-to-face appointments are the payoff to a successful seminar and many variables determine your results. But there is one additional thing you can do at the close of your event that will double your appointment ratio almost immediately. Join me for an in-depth discussion of this new seminar appointment close. These techniques will help your audience take that all-important next step and sit down with you one-on-one. You owe it to yourself and to them to make that appointment happen.

Price: $26.00

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD of Seminar Closing Techniques

This is the exact same audio program as the CD, but it’s INSTANTLY DOWNLOADABLE! Double or triple your “appointment ratio” with this simple strategy that can be used with any seminar.

Price: $16.00

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Audio CD: Goal Setting A Better Way! 

Goal setting is a big deal in business and life. But many of us make a few critical mistakes that totally undermine our success. This CD will get you on the most powerful path to victory in anything you do.

Price: $26.00

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD of Goal Setting A Better Way!

This is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the Goal Setting audio program. Listen to the MP3 on any device and get started immediately!

Price: $16.00

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Cold Calling: Mastering the Mental Game – CD

Cold calling sucks! Or does it? The thought of cold calling sends chills down your spine…I know. But the reason is almost 100% in your own head! Because when you look at it objectively, cold calling is still one of the simplest, most powerful and cost-effective ways to reach new people.  This CD will help you control the fear and negative emotions that hit you every time you dial that phone. It might not make you “The Cold Call Cowboy”…those days are probably dead.  But if you want to use the phone as a marketing tool, this is guaranteed to help!

Price: $26.00

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The Kolbe A (or C) Index™

The Kolbe A Index is a simple but amazing test developed by Kathy Kolbe ( that will give you an insight into your deepest natural strengths. I’ve used this with thousands of financial professionals and I have found it to be one of the most valuable tools for discovering your personal path to success in this business and in life. If you have questions before you give it a try, please call me anytime at 800-231-5272 or email me at   NOTE:  You will receive the test link via e-mail usually within 30 minutes after you order. Look for a message with the link and double-check your junk or spam folder in case it gets routed there by mistake.

The Kolbe C is an assessment that a supervisor would complete on the position for which they are hiring.  It’s used in conjunction with the Kolbe A to evaluate the best fit between a candidate and the job. I will explain all of this so please contact me if you are hiring anyone and need some help.

Price: $49.95

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Coaching Session

This is for a one-hour private or team coaching consultation.
Price: $300

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