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Leadership & Management Program

Are you a leader or a manager?

What is the difference?

Are they mutually exclusive qualities and behaviors?

Is one more valuable to the organization than another?

Can you be both?  And if so…HOW?

This program is designed to help everyone from front-line supervisors to C-level executives radically improve their understanding and approach to leadership and management.  It’s based on a foundation of time-trusted principles with modern skills implementation. It will help you better serve your people and improve your team’s or organization’s effectiveness and impact.

After serving as a U.S. Army Officer I came into the financial profession and have held very senior leadership positions on both the “distribution” side and the “product” side of the business. This rare blend and variety of experiences has informed my training program and made it unique in the industry. It also enables me to customize the experience to fit your specific needs.

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Some of the program topics include:

Management & Leadership

• Overlap, Not Conflict
• Differences and Similarities
• The Unique Powers of Leadership
• The Internal Kirk/Spock Partnership
• Shifting Gears: When to Lead vs. Manage
• 10 Critical Behaviors of Top Leaders
• Building a Leadership Brand Identity

The Instincts of Management Success

• The Power of Instinctive Behaviors
• Maximizing Your Deepest Strengths
• Honing Your Natural Leadership Style
• Customizing Your Management Approach based on Strengths
• Reducing Stress and Increasing Impact
• Finding Strengths in Others