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Personal Coaching

Nearly every top professional in any field has a coach of some kind. But here again, I do things a slightly different way…and I think many advisors appreciate this approach.


My coaching process is completely customized and built around the specific needs of each advisor or team. There is no “Maselli Method” of doing things to which you must adhere. After thirty plus years in this business, I’ve learned that there are hundreds of different ways to succeed. My goal is to help you find your way…to find your path, and your deepest, most permanent strengths. I feel that my extensive industry experience and depth of understanding about this profession qualifies me to do this pretty effectively.


My focus is to help you grow your business with new assets and new clients. My expertise is all forms of client acquisition including marketing, branding, prospecting, and communication. I have developed several industry-reknown tools and programs in these areas. I don’t recommend  products or tell you how to manage money. And I don’t do “accountability.”  You want to succeed? Then let’s get to work!  You will get motivated, but I’m not a babysitter here to hold your hand.


I charge a simple fee of $300 per hour or $150 for 30-minute “quick hits.” There are no long-term agreements and nothing to sign. You select your own schedule and pay with a credit card on my website. This isn’t long-term therapy. If we can’t get something going in a few calls then I may not be the right coach for you. So the risk to both of us is minimal. Typically, we talk weekly for maybe six weeks, then taper off to bi-weekly and then monthly or quarterly to keep things humming, make changes or to scale up the effort.


I focus on activities, plans and behaviors that drive results relatively fast. The advisors I coach are pretty sharp with a solid core business. They don’t need lots of psycho-analysis or a complex, burdensome process. Sometimes we can get moving on a plan after only one or two calls. Early victories build confidence that inspires everyone. Plus it’s exciting to see positive results. Over time we can refine or expand things…but we’re going to hit the ground running.


My approach meshes very well with most other coaching programs. Because I focus mainly on business growth activities and charge an hourly rate, advisors often use me as a supplement or a sounding board for their other coach’s strategies. I give them the specific tactics to implement the ideas and philosophies taught in other coaching programs.


All advisors work with me personally…there are no “junior” coaches and very few group calls. By design, this is a highly exclusive program. It is also, for obvious reasons, totally confidential. This is a valuable consideration for top wealth management teams as well as my branch and complex manager clients.


Our profession has changed radically in the last several years. Advisors don’t want twenty-year-old “work your book” war stories. You need new ways to help modern clients in an era of intense competition, low trust levels, and volatile markets. You demand best-in-class ideas that resonate with a true wealth management approach and HNW clients. That’s what I do.


These are not consultant theories. My ideas are real-world and proven. I’ve been an advisor, a top branch manager and am now a recognized industry expert who has coached thousands of advisors at almost every firm in the business. Also, my core philosophy transcends the old “sales mentality.” What we do can’t be measured by production numbers alone. It’s deeper and more important than that. I think you understand what I mean.


You and your team have tremendous power. My goal is to help you find, enhance and build from those deepest strengths. I’m certified in tools like the Kolbe A Index® and have created other proprietary methods that allow me to personalize a game-plan for each advisor. I also try to help you enjoy the business more by reducing stress, wasted time, money and effort.