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Frank Maselli

The Financial Industry’s Most Exciting Speaker, Trainer & Personal Coach!

Frank Maselli is a rare and masterful combination of expertise, education and entertainment.

– As a keynote speaker, he knows the business inside and out and his delivery is electrifying. He’s been rated as the Top Industry Speaker by the largest wealth management firms for over ten years!

– As a trainer, he has developed some of the most advanced and powerful programs in the industry that help advisors, wholesalers and managers.

– As a coach, he offers the industry’s only guaranteed-results program with no long-term contract! 

“Frank’s presentation to the FPA of New Jersey was like a breath of fresh air.  Frank’s grasp of the industry, coupled with his candor and sense of humor, energized and inspired our attendees, daring us to see the value we bring to our clients.”   
Diane DeOliveira, President of the New Jersey Chapter of the Financial Planning Association 

Best-Selling Author & Industry Expert

Frank’s three best-selling books will change forever the way you grow your business. They are tremendous resources for every advisor!

Modern Ideas: No ancient “war stories” or tired sales ideas. Frank’s strategies are bold, new, exciting and they work! He will transform your business in ways no other speaker can. You will leave fired up and with specific tools to get going NOW!

Solving the Big Issues: Frank is an true expert in helping advisors find new clients and new assets, generate referrals, build a team, strengthen client relationships, communicate their remarkable value and enjoy this amazing profession more.

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